August 07, 2013

just for you

just for you!

i had never planned to draw a hedgehog.

it isn't a creature that naturally comes to mind
and i have never seen one in person.

but, this was a request.

sometimes challenging yourself or
stretching your wings in a direction that you never
dreamed of ... is a wonderful thing.

first, i had to do some research.
(hedgehogs are very tiny.)

secondly, i drew and drew and drew.
i must admit it took me sometime to develop this little guy.
(i had some really ugly drawings)

many, many drafts later he finally appeared.

now i find myself wanting to add hedgehogs to more of my images.



  1. Absolutely adorable, Stacey. Lovelovelove!!!

  2. I think he is the cutest hedgehog EVER!! I just love him and hope you do more hedgies!

  3. He is so cute! Your colouring and shading is amazing as well. I hope all is well with your jump into the big marketplace!

  4. Thank you Shirley and Theresa for you sweet, joyful words. :)

  5. Jeanette! Thank you! All is well and very busy. Some wonderful projects in the works and some that you might be interested in with all your wonderful creations! More on that later. (sorry)

  6. Adorable, Stacy! You should add them to more of your wonderful artwork!

  7. Adorable Stacey! I love how you designed his 'fur'? Hedgehogs dont have fur hahaha spikes maybe? Beautiful piece! xoxo

  8. Thank you Lisa and Amy!
    Amy, I would of called it fur too! thank you ... like I said it was a process but I am very happy with how it all turned out!

  9. I am a fan of your rubber stamps. I love them! I find coloring with Copic Markers so relaxing Then I go to your website and see your illustrations and am amazed by your talent. I love them all! Now that I see THIS.... Oh you need to have a lot more rubber stamps! Please add this cute hedgehog to your stamp line.... And everything else..hint hint. Hugs.

  10. Lynn! thank you for your sweet and wonderful words about my work. I also find illustrating very relaxing. I adore it and it is all the amazing support from kind hearted people like yourself that keeps me going. Thank you so very much!

  11. Stacey you are INCREDIBLY talented! Just adore your stamps you offer for sale at Purple Onion Designs. I purchased 'Laurel' your sweet deer and wonder if you will ever make a smaller version of him? (I would like to use him gift tags for Christmas gifts.) Also, do you think you will ever offer your little banner with the tiny Peep (top of pg. 1 - Purple Onion website -that has the sentiment "The Sweetest Day")for sale? I think that would be so cute stamped on the outside of an envelope! Keep up your great work - again, you are SOOOO talented and we are SOOO lucky to be able to purchase stamps created by you!
    Debbie Kaste

  12. Debbie K.
    oh my you know how to make a girl smile with all your lovely comments about my work. i am so glad you are enjoying "Laurel" . Sorry at this time I don't have a smaller version and I am not sure when or if I will be creating another. i will however keep your suggestions in mind. it is always wonderful to hear what you would like to see next. Again thank you for such sweet words to make my day a happy one! wishing you the same.