August 13, 2013

on my desk

hello there!

i just thought i would share
a bit more of what i have been up to.

over the summer i have been illustrating
and searching out supplies for my
Christmas ornaments for 2013.

i just finished my samples this morning!
(it is always exciting to see the months of
planning come together.)

i hope you enjoy the little sneak peek of them.
sorry... you will have to wait a bit
to see them.
(after all it is still summer!)

my mind has also been a buzz with so much i want
to explore and try.
(i truly think that is part of being creative.) 
my mind never seems to stop
and there never seems to be enough hours
to try everything that inspires me.

lately, i have had this desire to return to
painting with acrylics and creating texture. 

so, yesterday i created a rough surface for my piece using
acid free tissue and gel medium. I then added
acrylic paints and my beloved pencil crayons.

here is the result.

the texture turned out to be wonderful.
but, I was disappointed that i was unable to create
more detail in this little fellow.
(i found that my paints and even my pencil crayons had
a resist in areas due to the gel medium.)

it looks like it is back to the drawing board
to rework this illustration.

even though i didn't get the results i wished for,
my little creative soul was happy
to have a chance to play and explore.

wishing you a happy day!


  1. I totally know what you mean by your mind being filled with trying everything and anything creative. Everyday. :) I find myself taking different creative paths. But I think thats the most amazing thing in the art world. There is so many roads to take or try. Love the texture in your piece. Adorable as always! :) xoxo

  2. Amy! it is wonderful to know that i am not the only one who has a mind that is filled with ideas and inspiration. i guess the point is to choose what speaks to you the loudest. i agree with you - it is such a beautiful thing about art that it leads us on so many paths. Paths that we end up on that we could never imagine we would be on. i love that too!