September 03, 2013

story teller

"story teller"

i am not quiet sure what inspired this illustration.
(sometimes images just appear on my page.)

but, i can tell you this...
i know i love to hear the chickadees' song,
i know they have always been too quick for
me to capture a really great photo of them
i also know that i loved to listen
to my little ones tell stories.
(i still love listening to them  but they are not so little anymore.)

my children have headed back to school today
and i anxiously await their return.
(i am also hoping like mom's do, 
that they have happy stories to share.)


  1. This is another image that evokes such happy feelings!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit and art!! I love seeing your new images!!

  2. thank you Judy once again for your sweet and kind comments! it warms my heart and certainly makes creating so much sweeter!

  3. This is so adorable!! Like you, I enjoy chickadees very much. And this lovely portrayal makes me happy. Thank you for sharing.

  4. thank you Theresa! chickadees are so lovely aren't they? especially how they happily dash from branch to branch. so incredible to watch. it is my pleasure to share this happy little illustration with you.