November 01, 2013

giveaway winner and sale!

and the winner is …..

Congratulations Linda!
(if you could be so kind to email me your mailing address
i will be happy to send this collection to you!)

i can't believe all the kind words i have received
over the last few days both
here and on the Purple Onion Design blog.

thank you, thank you, thank you!
(i can't say it enough)

i especially loved reading about all the creative plans
that so many of you have using my stamp images.

this is why i create.
i simply started out as young girl creating gifts for the ones i love
and it has now blossomed so i may create for others so they can create.

(this makes my little heart sing … in such a big way!)

i also want to thank Michele
at Purple Onion Designs.
this has been another wonderful collaboration.
thank you Michele!

Please visit Purple Onion Designs
as Michele is offering an amazing sale on
my new collection.

have a happy, sweet day!


  1. Congratulations Linda!

    Stacey, thank you for your beautiful designs! I loved all the stamps so I purchased the entire set :)

  2. Congrats on your new release Stacey! Love your new collection, so adorable. Especially love your snowmen, Icicle, Birch, Juniper, Silver--oh heck, love them all!

  3. Stacey, so sorry I'm late to the party...I just had to say congratulations on the new release, ALL of the images are absolutely darling!

  4. thank you all for such lovely words and i am so happy with the response to my newest collection. just an incredible amount of kindness in which i am so grateful for. enjoy!

  5. Congratulations Linda, you lucky lady. Thank you for the chance Stacey, your designs are just gorgeous. Take care, Jane x

  6. Stacey your Awesome and your sweet images make me Swoon... I'm lucky to be on the POD design team so I can color them often! thank You....

  7. Kelly! You are so kind and I am happy that you love my images. I think I might be the lucky one with all the talented POD designers who create with my images. I am amazed what you all dream up. Thank you!

  8. Stacey, your new designs are as beautiful as always. I can't help but smile when I see those little faces and although I missed the Purple Onion offer, I just have to go and buy some of them to keep me company over here in the UK. Soon it will be time to unwrap the tree decorations and I can't wait to see the glass ornaments that I bought from you a couple of years ago. They are such favourites and are destined to become family heirlooms I'm sure. Best wishes with all your creating in the coming months, I hope you will forever be inspired!! Much love to you xx

  9. Judy! thank you for your endearing and lovely note. You have not only made me smile and warm my heart... you have encapsulated just why I create for others. I hope to be inspired forever too! I love, love to create! But, it truly is the sweet, kind words that are sent my way that keep me inspired. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!