November 26, 2013

pretty little booklets!

an artist can never have enough sketchbooks!
and as a mom
i can never have enough notepads.

so i created a few books to have on hand
using my printed cards, coloured paper,
white photocopy paper, staples and
a bit of thread.

pretty little booklets!

(this one is my favourite!!!)


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what a lovely idea!

  2. thank you Jay Jay and Elaine M!
    one can never have enough paper to draw or write on.

  3. Now I know what to do with my frog and snail card that I purchased on Etsy! Thanks for the inspiration Stacey! PS lovelovelove the bear art prints--perfect for my grandsons' wall. Happy Thanksgiving Stacey!

  4. Shirley! I am so glad you are inspired to create a little booklet of your own. I am so honoured that my illustrations will adorn your grandsons' wall. I hope they bring you and your family many, many, many smiles! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Enjoy every moment!