January 08, 2014

a big warm hearted thank you to 2013!

i have spent the last several days sifting through my studio. 

just like putting away the Christmas decorations
this is the time of year that i go through the studio.
i gather all my financials and inventory information, archive files,
catalogue all my illustrations and get rid of any clutter.
it is a huge job.

and truth be told i would rather be illustrating.
(i can't tell you how i am bursting at the seams to start on new illustrations!)

as much as i am not crazy about tackling all the paper work,
 i love to begin my year this way. 
it clears the way to allow my mind to be uncluttered
and free! 

this time also allows me to reflect on the past year.
as i sift through receipts i am reminded of the courses i took to
enrich the business and creative sides of my work.

i found my ticket from the broadway show "wicked" and it brought a
smile to my face as i remembered my time in New York with my mom
and the excitement of being at Surtex.
as i gathered all my artwork to be catalogued and stored
i was amazed at all i had created.


then the gratitude set in.
(a little synopsis of just some of what i created in 2013)

last january i approached 2013 as a "learning" year. 
having recently signed with my licensing agency MHS it seemed to be fitting.
it was a year that i created collections, read and signed agreements (a little unnerving),
received approvals and worked with some lovely licensing partners.
(more on that at a later date… i promise)

i of course don't think that my learning is over.
i think that 2013 was just the beginning.

so much gratitude…

and many people to thank for all their support.
(i am bursting with appreciation)

first, a huge thank you to all at MHS who helped me 
maneuver through this year and all that it entailed.
it is wonderful to have you working with me.
i am so grateful!

another huge thank you to my many family and friends.
thank you for asking, for listening (even though i have to put you on speaker phone while i worked), 
for understanding how much my creativity is a part of me, for wanting to be updated on new creations, for the continued encouragement, for being there to celebrate and for the disappointments. 
it means the world!

a huge, gushing, deep hearted thank you to my husband, my boys and my mom.
you are the ones that are there for me everyday.
thank you for your love and unequivocal belief in me!
i can't tell you how huge they are to my journey.
it simply would not be possible without them.

last but certainly not least.

a special thank you to all of you.
i can't tell you how you have touched my heart.
i am deeply grateful to those who read my posts, who love and follow my work,
who cheer me on from afar and especially for the
very sweet, kind and generous words that you send to me. 
i hope you truly know that i read every word and that
it brings a smile to my heart. 
it ultimately gives me the courage to 
continue to create and share my art with the world.


  1. Happy New Year! May 2014 be a good year for you, too :)

    Jay Jay

  2. Beautiful post - with every best wish to you and your family for 2014.

  3. What a wonderful way to start the year! You are so very talented and I am so grateful to be able to share your artwork in the way of stamps...I love to create with them and my friends and family love to receive the creations! I too look forward to what you have in store for this year! Keep creating!

  4. such lovely sweet notes "Jay Jay", Deirdre and dpkennedy! truly heartwarming! wishing you & your families all my best in 2014!

  5. I love your work and it has been my pleasure reading your posts..looking forward to your work to come!!!

  6. Hello Stacey.
    I have only just discovered your wonderful designs, your illustrations are truly beautiful and I love them all!. I am going to search for a UK seller so I can purchase some soon!
    Wishing you a happy new year and looking forward to seeing your new designs.
    Sue xx

  7. Kerri thank you and I am so glad that you join me here to read what i have been up to. it really means so much that you enjoy my posts as well as my artwork.

    Sue, Welcome!!! Always wonderful to hear from someone who has just discovered my work. Your words have warmed my heart on such a dreary day. For now you will only be able to purchase most pieces directly from my studio. (my shop will be opening soon)
    Wishing you a wonderful new year as well!

  8. Wishing you another successful year in 2014, Stacey! I love your work and look forward to what you have to share with us this coming year. This is my "go to place" whenever I need a smile. :) Shirley

  9. shirley! thank yo for the sweet wishes as always and i am so glad you find my little website a place that makes you smile! it is so wonderful to hear and makes me feel that much more comfortable sharing my thoughts and images with everyone. again thank you!

  10. Congratulations on all your success Stacey! You are an inspiration to all :) I love following your creative journey with you. Cheers to many more artful adventures! :) xoxo Amy

  11. Amy, thank you….such a sweet and thoughtful comment. i am blushing to think i am inspiring… just following my little creative soul. i also wish you many, many moments of delight on your creative journey.