January 14, 2014

celebrating small steps with a free printable!

i don't know about you
but, my life revolves around my "To Do" list.

actually i have two "To Do" lists.
(i can't function without them.)
i have one for the studio and one for our family.
it keeps everything running as smoothly as possible.
and it is the only way i can keep
5 different schedules straight and run a business.
(it is also how i attempt to stay somewhat calm.)

i just love, love, love
crossing things off my list.
don't you? 

it gives me such pleasure.

however, the feeling of accomplishment is fleeting and soon forgotten
as my attention quickly moves on to the next item on my list.
(hardly a way to acknowledge any accomplishment big or small)

last year, my mom told me that she has been making
a different kind of list.
one just for her.
 one that listed and dated all that she
had personally accomplished over the year.

i fell in love with this notion of tracking small steps and celebrating them.
(thanks mom!)

i loved this idea so much that i
dubbed it the 

my "To Do" list can get awfully messy
with all that crossing and chicken scratch
and thats why I created a pretty "Ta-Da!"list.
besides i think our accomplishments need a place of honour.
(i have hung mine in the studio so i may see it everyday!)

i also wanted to share this with all of you.

so please be kind to yourself, celebrate you and
all your tiny little steps that make up your year.
give yourself that gift of honouring all that you do
and all that you want to celebrate.
(use it to write down whatever you wish.)

of course,
if you have a friend that you think might enjoy
creating their own "Ta Da!" list, 
please direct them to my website.

please remember that all my work is 
and that this is a free download for personal use only!
(no commercial use please)

i have reopened my etsy shop.

please click on the link below
and download from there.

Happy Celebrating You!


  1. I love that the "to do" becomes a "ta da"! I have printed out my own copy to document the little steps I take in my life's journey! Thank you so much for sharing your art work. Just having those sweet birds on my desk will make it a good day!! I wish all good things for you this new year, both creatively and personally!

  2. thank you! phew! I am so glad it all worked. it is the first time i have included a download. my pleasure to share and i am very happy to hear that those little birds will make it a good day for you! Happy New Year and all my best this year!

  3. This is adorable, such a lovely idea and thank you for sharing it too.
    I wondered if you have any plans to create digital stamps, I love your images so much but cannot find a supplier of your rubber stamps in the UK ?
    Wishing you all the best for a wonderful New Year.
    Sue xx

  4. Thank you, Stacey! What a wonderful idea... and leave it to you to make the "Ta-Da List" so very cute! I will think of you with every entry (hoping I will have a few throughout the year) :) Thanks for including me! My best wishes for a very happy, healthy, and productive 2014 with lots of "Ta-Da's!" Hugs, Phyllis

  5. HI Sue! Thank you for the lovely, king words and for the sweet wishes. At the moment I have no plans to create digital stamps… sorry! I know that Purple Onion Designs will ship to the UK…I hope this helps. Wishing you a wonderful New Year as well!

  6. Phyllis! I am so glad you like the "Ta-Da!" list. I am sure you will have many entries. Just remember it's about "YOUR" small steps no matter what they are. I wish you many, many "Ta-Da's!" that when you look at your list that it brightens your spirit and fills you up!
    P.S. my first entry on my "Ta-Da!" list is that I actually created it…it had been sitting in my sketchbook for well over a year. the second entry is that i actually shared it … i was quiet fearful about it. so thank you for taking the time to write to me. it means so much.

  7. Oh, wow, Stacey - this is so super cool! I DO always make some lists and I LOVE crossing things done! :) Amazing... Printing it as leaving this comment and putting it on my wall!
    Hugs, Sanja

  8. Thank you, Stacey, for sharing your adorable "Ta-Da" list! I have a 3-mo old grandson and I think this would be perfect to journal all his wonderful "firsts". Thank you!!!

  9. Sanja I am so glad you like it! Enjoy!

    Shirley! what a wonderful idea to use it for your grandson's firsts! I absolutely love it!

  10. Hi, Stacey, and happy new year to you! Sorry I haven't been by in a while, life has been busy! I love your "Ta Da" list and appreciate that you shared it with us...brilliant and quite adorable, too! Best wishes for a happy, bountiful new year!

  11. judy! thanks for stopping by. please no need to apologize… i totally understand "busy". i hope you enjoy the "Ta Da" list and all my best to you and yours this year!

  12. Hi Stacey,
    Thank you so much for this adorable to do list!! i love your cute designs they are the best i have just let my friend know she is a huge fan too x
    Suzie qx looking forward to your new designs in the uk so i will have to wait till later x

  13. Dear Stacey, your work is BEAUTIFUL! Woul,d love to download the cute list, but the link doesn't work anymore.

  14. hello! Thank you again for your kind words about my work. Unfortunately, this is no longer available. Sorry to disappoint you.