January 27, 2014

in and around the studio

winter has been here…
and it seems to be in no rush to leave this year.
(it has delivered some rather harsh conditions.)

thank goodness for the sun filled days
that somehow bring a sense of hope that spring will eventually arrive.

to help me through this dark and bitterly cold time,
i like to plant little signs of hope around the house.
(simple things like a lit candle or a spring bulb.)

it is a time of year that I rather enjoy.
but this year i have been kept inside much more than i prefer.
(i hope cabin fever doesn't set in)

it is a quiet time where i allow myself  to think and ponder. 
wrapped in a cozy sweater and a warm drink at my side,
cocoon in the studio where
spend my days dreaming up plans and creating.
(it is a rare time!)

a little sneak peek.




  1. There is something about your posts that just brings peace to my heart - a softness like a warm cozy kitten curled in my lap. Thanks so much for sharing your world of wonder with us.

  2. Elaine! thank you for your kind words about my posts. it has made my heart smile this morning. just like the sweet words i have received about my art, your words about my posts just make me want to continue to share. i often wonder if my writing about my creative world really reaches people like it is intended. so a big hearted thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

  3. Love your snow photos...I finally got to take some today
    Enjoying my SNOW DAY in Georgia!

  4. thank you vicki! yes, SNOW DAYS can be quiet beautiful. i am so glad you got to take some photos and enjoy the snow.