February 03, 2014

fabric hearts for everyday and valentine's day!

funny how things happen.
one minute i am sketching 
and the next i am hatching a plan to use my sketches with fabric.
(i often get these unexplained desires to create with other mediums.)

inspiration hits and it takes over!
there is no stopping it and i find myself lost in my world of creating.
(it is a lovely and exciting place to be)

since my sketched images were all about "love", 
it was only natural that i decided to give them a home on little fabric hearts.

when i say inspiration took hold, i was not kidding.
i finished my little fabric hearts well before my illustrations.
(truth be told my illustrations are just waiting for the final touches.)

psst….. remember my sneak peek!

my process was fairly simple.
i painted these little animals onto stretched fabric. 
the lettering and details are simply done with my beloved micron pen.
i then applied the animal appliqué to the pink fabric.
(i even added a little appliqué to the back of each heart)

here is the exciting part for me
… adding stitches, embroidery
and the finishing touches.
(oh how i love this part)

to finish them off i added vintage seam binding and
a vintage teardrop bead to each heart.
(it is really good to have a stash of notions for times like these.)

but that is not all.
these hearts smell wonderful too!

i decided that these would be lovely
filled with lavender. 
i left a little opening at the very top of the heart
so i can easily change the lavender insert
when the scent disappears.

i have scattered these throughout my house.

the hint of pink is very refreshing
when you live in a house full of boys.


  1. These are adorable! I love your images and this is a perfect way to use them. Love it!

  2. Oh my goodness ... That penguin is soooooooo cute!!!! <3 Love, love, love this little fella and those hearts you made with him! Too cute! Hugs! xx

  3. thank you holly, kerri & cebelica for visiting and sending me such kindness! so happy you like my little project!

  4. wow! that's amazing for presents!!!

  5. your so right Nata they would make sweet little gifts! (i might have to make a few more.)