March 12, 2014

inside and outside the studio today!

i am feeling much like this little bird today!

that's right ...just outside my studio window is
another winter storm.

we are hoping this is the last blast!
(I am pleading with mother nature to bring spring soon.)

but, as always. i am working ahead of our current season.

so here is a little sneak peek what is on my desk.
(that's right all you lovely stampers this is your sneak peek!)

and for all you non-stampers
my little bird above is part of an illustration.

have a happy day and enjoy!


  1. Stacey, I look forward to seeing a new collection from you. I love this ones I have already. And I don't wish I was with you looking out of your window. I'll just enjoy my Florida sunshine.

  2. I just love to see your work so much! your talent amazes me! I wish I could be a fly on the wall of your studio. Hope you are well, Stacey! Thinking of you!

  3. Sue Ann F. & Kerri thank you and i am so happy that you are excited about my next stamp collection.

    melissa deakin! thank you for your sweet little note. it certainly made me smile this morning! wishing you many moments of delightful creating today and always!

  4. Oh, Stacey ... I can't wait to see your new collection... please tell me... will it have a "meow", a tiny one, with fluffy tail and long whiskers? :) :) :)

  5. Candida! oh my I am so sorry to disappoint you that there is no "meow" in this collection. i am not sure why they don't seem to come to mind. i loved having my cats. your suggestion is noted and i always love suggestions because they tend to plant a seed somewhere and you never know when it will pop up in my sketchbook. thank you!

  6. Tell me that's a bunny in a striped t-shirt? Adorable!

  7. Thank you Donna! Yes, little striped t-shirts! Summer fun on it's way!