April 17, 2014

happy easter!

i would like to introduce you to my
"spring bloomers!"

(they are delighted that spring is here….even if it is a little slow this year!)

and of course,
 i am sending wishes for a
very Happy Easter
to all of you!


  1. Love them they are so cute..HAPPY EASTER to you and your family!! Any new stamps coming out I just love your work!!

  2. Kerri! Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well! The new stamps are coming very, very soon!

  3. I recently got my big envelope full of the stamps I ordered from your current collection at Purple Onion Designs! Yay! I love all of them! Can't wait to see the new ones! Happy Easter!

  4. Just saw these darling "spring bloomers" today... A little late this year (smile), but so, so cute! Just want to hug them! Absolutely adorable! I trust that you had a wonderful Easter... Hope so.