April 30, 2014

stacey yacula and great big canvas!

for those of you
who would like my illustrations
in a larger format
you may find many of them at

please visit their site as they
have many options besides just canvas.

the quality is amazing
right down to the shipping.
(they even provide you with all the necessary
hardware to hang your canvas.)

i have been enjoying "blossom" 
hanging in my home for some time.

she makes me smile
and i hope she does the same for you!


  1. Hi dear Stacey,
    I always enjoy every post from you and your awesome ideas for so many inspirations!
    This one looks so amazing and I share your mind.Thank you for the link I´ll soon take a
    look to the other sweets from you,which are always created with much love on each detail,
    hugs die waldfee

  2. thank you sylvie your comments as always are so kind.