May 16, 2014

love grows illustration

"love grows!"

we have been going through a bit of transition here.

our family is changing.

over the winter my son was
making decisions about his post secondary education.

i can't tell you how proud and excited i am to see
him plan and begin his own path.

i have always believed it is our job
as parents to give our children roots and wings
(and a ton of love too!)

but, truth be told i will miss that young man.

i am not sure i am entirely ready for him to leave
and i know the
other two will be quick to follow.
(time sure has marched on so quickly)

this change has occupied my thoughts.
so it is no surprise that this illustration came from
deep within my heart.
(a mother's heart)

it just confirms that no matter where my children are
that my love will always grow for them.

i am so honoured to be their mother.

this illustration is now available
as an art print and greeting card
in my etsy shop.


  1. So stunning dear Stacey,you´re so a great artist with a big big heart! Everybody, who see your illustrations,always is able to see your big big heart.First time I saw the images you created,I just feel in an never ending love with.Can´t see enough of them,they are so adorable!
    At the moment I´m still waiting for my new stamps(new collection),it always takes too much time till they arrive.That´s bad.From the day they were shipped,now nearly three weeks! Hope they´ll arrive soon,can´t wait coloring them :o)
    Your new creation is s´amazing!
    Big hugs die waldfee

  2. die walfee,
    You are so sweet with your words... thank you!
    I hope your stamps arrive soon and you have many, many creative moments with them.