September 15, 2014


i have always adored the change in seasons
we have here in Canada.
of course, there are times when i am not quite ready
to see one season go. 
(this summer was difficult to say good-bye to)

but, once the next season has secured it's footing
in our lives, i  find myself embracing it.

i think my time growing up at the family
cottage only has heightened this fondness.
in fact, this series was definitely an inspiration
taken from my childhood. 

like most families we always found a place to gather.
(even when we were unable to be at the cottage)

this series is about the passing of time.
how families gather and change
through the seasons.
and although the spark for this illustration
came many, many months ago.
it seems it is fitting that I am introducing this to you now.
since one of our sons is off to college and it has
become very apparent that 
our time together as a family has become even
more precious.


a place to gather - fall

a place to gather - spring

a place to gather - summer

a place to gather - winter

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  1. these are stunning! I've been browsing your store. LOVE the work.