October 21, 2014

christmas tea towel set

i am soooo excited to introduce my
Christmas tea towel set to my shop.

(this has been something i wanted to create for some time.)

i know a pair will be hanging in my kitchen.
(they also make great gifts!)

these tea towels are printed on a linen-cotton.
(the quality is so wonderful.)

i designed the tea towels so that the image appears on both
ends of the tea towel.
(just incase some fingers muck it up on one side)

and of course they feature my illustrations
"Sweet Spirit" and " Snowy Greeting"



  1. They are more that beautiful! They are gorgeous and so sweet! I did not see them in your etsy shop?! Were are they?

  2. Hi SharonC!
    Sorry, these tea towels have become very popular and difficult to keep stocked in the studio. I just listed a set and I hope you see it. If not please email me and I can send you a direct email when I have listed more in my shop. info@staceyyacula.com

  3. Hi Stacey iv'e just discovered your blog and i am in love with all your stamps! the images are so darn cute!!!.
    The tea towels are just beautiful too!

  4. These are absolutely exquisite!

  5. These towels are wonderful! The images are so cute and the colours are great. I think if I had such towels I would not even dare using them. I think I would just look at them and enjoy those cute "fellows".

    Kind regards

  6. Jules! Welcome! I am so glad that my illustrations bring you joy. Thank you for taking the time to write.

    Brenda & Carola, Thank you! Creating these tea towels was on my wish list for sometime and it means so much that you like them as well. They will definitely be back in my etsy shop soon.

    All my best,

  7. ...I hope they will be back in the store soon- cannot wait to buy some :)
    So adorable!

  8. Simone! I am so glad you like them. Yes, they will be back soon. I just need to find a few minutes to sew them. :)