December 01, 2014

hello december!

Skating Snowmen


i am sorry i have been away for some time.
(gosh where did the month of november go?)

i can't say i will miss this past month.
it has had it's challenges along with some deep sadness.
i have also had my hands full filling orders
and creating for my licensing partners.
(it is why i have been so quiet)

as much as i love the collaboration i know i am ready
for some time in the studio to be in my own thoughts.
(my mind has been bursting with ideas 
that i need to get out on paper)

i also want to share a few things that i just have
not had a chance to photograph.
(i need 10 of me and a sunny day!)

i am so looking forward to this month with all
the little lights that light up our very dark nights,
making christmas cookies, visiting with friends,
but mostly gathering with my family.
(i can't wait for that!)


i will be closing my esty shop on Monday, December 8th
for the holiday season.


  1. Stacy I pray you will make this little darlings into a stamp!

  2. Holly Jackson! so glad you like these two.... you never know what will appear in a stamp collection!