January 16, 2015

Enesco's Stacey Yacula Collection

the collaboration between myself and Enesco began last spring
and the collection was introduced at the Atlanta Gift Mart this January.

i am not big on travelling by myself. i was completely frazzled
by the time i got to my departure gate at the airport.  it didn't help that we had travelled on
snow covered roads bright and early that morning to get to the airport. 
(did i mention it was still dark)
thank goodness for "Mr. Yacula" and his reassurance that we were just fine.
(he was right)

i am also not much of a mall person. a show as big as Atlanta puts many
 of our shopping malls to shame. i prefer to shop on pretty little streets with small,
quaint shops to poke around in. 
(slow, calm and little crowds)

so, when asked to make a trip to Atlanta Gift Mart i was a bit rattled
and at the same time I really wanted to go.
i was excited to see the collection i worked so hard on,
and also to meet the Enesco team that loved my work,  gave me their guidance, creativity, expertise
and dedication to make this collection wonderful. I couldn't have done it without them.
i also couldn't have done this without my amazing and talented agency, MHS licensing. 
(it truly takes a village to raise an artist)
thank you! thank you!

 i was not disappointed when i entered the Enesco showroom.
thank you to the creative and talented crew who styled my collection.
(still pinching myself)

Stacey Yacula's The Sweetest Season for Enesco

"the sweetest season!"

the show itself was an incredible source of eye candy. 
3 buildings and approximately 15+ floors each.
(i definitely didn't have enough time to see it all)

there was some serious inspiration! it is a good thing that
i could not buy directly from the showrooms.
(my pocket book and "Mr. Yacula" are very thankful)

i was also able to meet face to face with some of my licensing partners and with some
potential new ones. it is amazing to see and hear the passion that these companies have for their
product and that they are delighted to put my artwork on something they love.
(i just love that!)

i also got to spend some invaluable time with my agency. not a luxury i often get as 
we live in different countries. i got a small glimpse into their world as agents and i enjoyed
our evenings where we shared dinner and got to know each other better.
i was also delighted that i had the opportunity to meet with some of the other artists
that MHS represents. i am so fortunate to be amongst such a talented bunch.

the main reason i went to Atlanta was because of an invitation from Enesco to
participate in two artist signings. the first signing was a signing event that
included many of their artists, followed by a second signing the next day.
i had never participated in an event like that. i wasn't sure what to expect, how i would be received
or if it would rattle me so much that my signature would be a mess. 
but, surprisingly i settled into this new role and i think
that is because the retailers and the enesco sales team were so welcoming.
i enjoyed hearing where retailers were from, what their shops were like 
and what they liked about my work.

Stacey Yacula's A Charming Halloween for Enesco

" a charming halloween"

i was honoured to sign prints for people's grandchildren, dear friends and those
who were just delighted that they would hang my illustration in their home or shop.
to me it really is an honour that people would hang my work in such a deeply personal space
such as their homes or their stores. 

as for my family,
they survived my absence 
(besides the pungent smell coming from the refrigerator...just a little rotting broccoli! )
apparently guys do not eat vegetables when their only girl is away.

as always it is wonderful to be back home surrounded
by the ones i love.

a huge thank you to my family and close friends
who have cheered me along the way.
(you know who you are)
this artist couldn't of done any of this without my loving village.
i have so much gratitude for all who have been a part of my journey.

a huge thank you!


  1. A HUGE Congratulations to you, Stacey!!!!!

  2. Wow, so cool, thanks for sharing, when and where will be able shop? Congrats, I am so glad this is happening, your art is so wonderful, although a little sad as I liked that you felt like my little secret- and know everyone will know :). But you deserve it.

  3. Stacey,
    I am so excited for you and for me too! I love your ART!!!!!! It just makes me smile to look at what you create! I mainly make cards and love your stamp lines at Purple Onion Designs. So excited to see products created with your art too! Congratulations! And way to go in the traveling - it is not my favorite thing either and even more so since my husband passed on 2 years ago!
    Hugs and blessings!
    Jill Norwood
    Seattle Washington

  4. thank you ladies for your kind hearted comments. i am so lucky to have such wonderful people drop by to visit my blog and leave me such sweet words.

    Tracy both the Christmas and Halloween will be available in stores for the 2015 seasons.

    Jill, flying out of country by myself was a huge step for me. I was much better on my return. However, having my husband "holding down the fort" and knowing I was coming back to him and my family made it far easier. I simply can't imagine how hard travelling alone must be for you or for that matter living without your husband. I am so sorry for your loss. I do hope that you are finding joy in creating as you are moving through such a difficult time. I don't think the ache ever leaves but joy does come again! Take Care

  5. I will be saving my pennies all year in anticipation... Well, except for those I spend on your POD releases! LOL Super-sized congratulations - you deserve it and your work is gorgeously heartwarming. So excited for you... best wishes for a great 2015! =)

  6. I just happened to stumble across your blog... You know how it happens in blog land.. And here I find this little gem. You are so talented. Thank you so much for sharing with us here.

  7. Christy Beans and LesLee! Wow! i have a huge smile on my face and my creative soul is shining too! thank you both for such sweet, heartwarming words about my work. I am so grateful that i can create images that give others smiles! that is what it is all about for me.

  8. Congratulations! I knew we would eventually be seeing all kinds of goodies adorned with your wonderful illustrations. I am so happy for you Stacey!

  9. thank you so much Michele! you certainly have been so supportive over the years and I am so grateful.

  10. Wow! This must be an amazing feeling! I love your stamps!!! Hope to find your artwork here in New York...my girls are smitten with your adorable animals!!! God bless!

  11. hello michelle! thank you for stopping by and visiting. your kind words mean so much, especially to hear about your girls who are also "smitten" with my images. i am sure you will be find many of my giftware pieces in NY. the "cookies for santa" set is so cute for young ones.