March 20, 2015

a quiet week and a few sneak peeks

well life has taken a few unexpected twist and turns this week.
Mr. Yacula and I have travelled to uncharted lands
as parents.

as you know my oldest son is away at college
and this week brought the school's winter break
for my other two boys.

my second son has been traveling
out of country for the week. 
(just a tad scary to let your children
travel this far away from you)

our youngest stayed here at home with us.
of course, being like any teenager he has been
very busy with friends.
(no surprise there)

however, Mr. Yacula and i found ourselves
having dinner just the two of us.
not just once ... but many times over the week.

as a family we have always gathered for dinner.
i must admit I became a little teary eyed one evening
as we sat at our very empty table.
(many years of making meals and caring
 for a bustling family will do that.)

i can not tell you how excited i am that 
all my boys will be home under one roof
at least for the weekend.
(my world and my heart will be very happy!)

although my family life has been quiet,
 the studio has kept me very busy.
(nothing like burying yourself in your work!)

i have been working on several different projects
and i have been creating some new personal pieces.
i have also had a chance to be inspired by
another artist's online course.
(she left me with so much wonderment and inspiration for my creative soul)

so here are just a few things I have been working on.


a licensing partner asked me to add a few easter eggs to this illustration.
(thanks to the magic of photoshop)

a new stamp collection is in the works!

this piece is in progress.
i am just adding details to the background and  the wreath.
still much more work to go. 
i love, love, love
this stage of adding details
and seeing the piece really come to life.
(i have a hard time stopping to work on other things)

have a wonderful weekend!
(i think i will be baking for my sweet boys!)


  1. Oh Stacey! I'm so happy to hear that. I can't wait to see the stamps in your new collection: )

  2. I love seeing new art in the works! I know how you feel, my husband and I have shared a lonely table for some years now. I try to work in as many family dinners as I can, but my children do not live as close as I like! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  3. Hey there, just wanted to say I started stamping and making cards in past year. I found purple onion designs and fell in love with your stamps. Can't wait to see what the new stamp collection looks like!

  4. OMGOSH! So excited about all of it!! So beautiful!!

  5. I have only been stamping for a year, but was very excited to find your stamps at Purple Onion Designs. Even more so to learn you are a fellow Canadian. Love your stamps. Can't wait to see the new collection!

  6. thank you all for such lovely comments! I am so grateful!

    Janet... i have lived away from my parents since i left for school. it still breaks my heart that i don't live closer. but we too make the best of the time we are together and there are a lot of phone calls in between. i only hope wherever my children end up that they keep in touch and not just wait for an occasion or visits. wishing you and your family many moments together that warms your heart when you can't be together.

    Sam Olden. i am so glad you found my stamps but even happier that you are creating. i hope it brings you much joy. i am also so happy to meet a fellow Canadian! I wonder what part of this great country you are from!

  7. Not that far away actually. Just the other side of Toronto in Whitby. Many years ago my sister went to Guelph university and I went to Laurier University so I have visited the area many times : ) I love the area lots of fun places to visit and beautiful countryside !!

  8. Sam Olden,
    You won't believe this but before Guelph we lived in Whitby many years ago too! Yes, Guelph is a lovely city and it does have some wonderful spots to enjoy!

  9. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your new stamps- I'd love to see that sweet chick with the Easter basket as a stamp šŸ˜„ but love all your stamps and know whatever you come up with will be special!

  10. Tracy! thank you! i can tell you that there is a chick in the collection. I hope it brings you joy! :)

  11. Oh my! I cannot wait to your new stamps! VERY exciting!

  12. I am so glad to hear that you are working with a new stamp collection. I just love your stamps and your illustrations. I've been stamping and making cards fro a few months now and your stamps are one of my favourites. Thank you for sharing your illustrations with us. So excited to see the new release!

  13. hello marika! so sorry for not answering you earlier. thank you for taking the time to write and for your sweet words. I am so happy that you are able to create wonderful cards using my images. But, I am delight to hear that you have carved out time to be creative. I believe that ever soul should have time to be creative!

  14. How can I choose. I love everything you create and I am so happy for you that you have this ability within you. The innocence of all your images are felt immediately. I just love the mother and baby owl I hope I will be able to purchase it in a few months so I can give it to my niece for her baby's room. She had lost her first child 3 weeks before he was due last October and we just heard she is expecting again. We all are praying. Thanks for sharing it . I just can't wait until Monday to see all your designs! Thanks.

  15. Love this. Can u share what u paint with and your fav art supplies? Ty. :)

  16. Hi Jenny! Thank you! :)
    To answer your question my work and process will vary depending on the piece. I use a variety of art supplies and it all depends on the look I want to achieve. For the two owls which is shown here in progress - I first applied a wash of watercolour and then I add details with pencil crayons, pencil, and micron pen. I just love adding details! The most labour intensive part was the blue background as I applied many layers of colours to achieve the look I wanted. I hope this helps.

  17. Hola como estas....solo escribo para felicitarte me encanta tu arte, muy original tierno. El color y textura que le das va todo desacuerdo al motivo...yo hago ilustraciĆ³n en mi paĆ­s MEXICO ya tengo algunos aƱos con mi empresa y pienso que todos tus diseƱos son geniales...Gracias por existir....Ha no te habĆ­a visto fisicamente pero tambiĆ©n eres muy guapa...Saludos. juan luis rodriguez