March 09, 2015

on snowflake pond

we have had a bitterly cold february
which has made the winter that much longer.
(way too much time spent inside)

however, the forecast for the upcoming week is
above zero and with our winter break beginning
on friday it seems we will be blessed
with enjoying the outdoors once again.

although, we still have plenty of snow still to melt,
it is a much needed glimmer of hope
that spring is on the horizon.

on snowflake pond by Stacey Yacula. ©Stacey Yacula, 2015.

i would like to share with you
"on snowflake pond!"

wherever you are or whatever season you might be in,
may you have a chance to enjoy
what is outside your door.


  1. This is simply amazing :) love ur illustrations !

  2. Thank you Deepti for you sweet comment and putting a smile in my creative soul!

  3. Absolutely beautiful illustration! I love all of the details and especially the three little mice scating in a row. Hoping for some warmer weather for you.

  4. Your drawings always bring happiness! Thank you Stacey!

  5. thank you SonjaK, Sonja Kuvik and Kathy for leaving me such sweet and kind words. it just warms my heart!