April 07, 2015

home sweet home

owl, woodland, home sweet home, nature

"home sweet home"

i find it kind of funny how some of my sketches stem from
a deep place in my soul. 
i have often said sometimes it surprises me the images
that will appear on the pages of my sketch book.
they come from a place i can't quiet explain that just "feels".
there is something about that tiny sketch that will call out to me
and urge me to see it through to a finished illustration. 
(some images come easier than others).
slowly, my true feelings behind a piece will reveal themselves
as i continue to work.
it is then my conscious mind finally catches up.

this piece is all about my thoughts of home.
for it is home that i am loved for just being me.
my home with my parents and siblings,
my home with my children and my husband
and my future home.
how it changes so much as years pass
how you carry that in your heart
no matter how old you get. 

may you always feel home wherever you are.


  1. Your post touched me in so many ways! This is sooo sweet, I love it:)

  2. jamie, thank you so much! it is sometimes very difficult for me to share some of my deepest thoughts and feelings. especially, with not knowing who will read this. so, a huge thank you for not only putting a smile on my face this afternoon but also letting me know that my sharing resinated with you. it really means so much.

  3. Stacey, you inspire me everytime I see such beauty. Your art your inspiration ahhh such beauty.

  4. aileen, such beautiful words that you have given me. i can't thank you enough for the smile that is in my heart.

  5. Hi Stacey,
    sorry for beeing so late for commenting,grmpf.
    These cuddling owls,mum and child look so adorable.Looking at this lovely creation fill my heart with happyness! I can follow your thoughts that sometimes it is very diffycult,talking about feelings.But don´t worry I love this,when you speak about feelings of your soul.You´re a woman with so much sensitiveness and a heart full of love.You love to live with all highs and deeps,that life will give.In your world as an artist these feelings are living on in your characters,that´s so special.
    Each image tells an own story of feelings and this is amazing - I love this so much,thank you.
    For many years I must live in retirement.There are only a few things left,I can do without any help.
    Most of the time I live alone and I love my stamping hobby,very much.I love it to color your lovely and cutie images,creating scenes,making cards and other nice things.A beautiful way to make many others happy by sending greetings or a little present.I love this so much and it make me very happy.A tiny luck.
    When coloring your images I like to dream of an imaginary world,everything is fine and beautiful.
    Sometimes there is some sadness,but most of the time it flies away,smile.
    Thank you for this bunch of feelings,your sensitive thoughts,your lovely words and your amazing collections.Never want missing them,
    big hugs Sylvie

  6. This image is so sweet stacey and I love the expression and the way the mother has her wings wrapped around the baby, a really peaceful image. Any new mother would empathise with this I'm sure. x

  7. Sylvie, there is no need to ever apologize about commenting late... there is no late. Thank you for taking the time to comment and leave me with many kind words about my work and what I write in my posts. It brings such a sweet smile to my heart. However, I was so surprised how much insight you seem to have into my feelings through my images and my posts. I do struggle with sharing as my sensitivity will sometimes get the best of me. Thank you for such a lovely note. I am also so happy to hear that stamping brings you such joy. I too hope to be able to create for the rest of my life no matter where I am. I too daydream, think, ponder and find sheer delight when creating. I wish that for you as well. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I truly love to hear the journey that other creatives are on. Take Care

  8. Pat, Thank you for writing and giving me such sweet words to carry with me. I do hope this brings others a sense of peace, especially us mothers who are the ones that carry the love for our children like no one else.