May 25, 2015

"sweet occasions!" stamp collection WINNER!

Congratulations Denise!

(can you please email your mailing address to me
and i will be happy to send this collection to you)
you can contact me at

another little surprise, Purple Onion Designs is offering
for a limited time you can purchase the entire
Sweet Occasions collection for $100.00 until  Sunday June 7, 2015.
(this is a 30% discount off regular prices)

i had a lovely weekend. 
the sun was shining, and not only did i get to spend sometime illustrating but
i feel so blessed that i received such wonderful and sweet comments
about my work.

i am truly amazed how kind and giving you all are.
i receive throughout the year many beautiful comments that touch
my heart and really keep me going when it is quiet around here.
but when i have a giveaway i guess i am amazed that there
are so many sweet, kind and heartfelt words left for me.
it really does wonders for my creative soul and helps
me keep the faith
that I am on the right path.

i loved to read about your favourites... it really is absolutely the most loveliest things to
hear all about what illustration speaks to your hearts and why.

however, it also truly makes my
so happy to hear how my stamps
allows others to create.
a big, heartfelt thank you!

as always, none of this is possible without Michele's handwork

thank you Michele another wonderful collaboration!

be sure to visit
to see the entire collection!

keep creating my friends!


  1. Stacey, your designs are just beautiful. I'm so glad I found your site. Congratulations, Denise!!

  2. WOW! Can't believe to find my name listed here! I love your delightful designs, and can't wait to start creating with these stamps!

  3. Sharbogast, thank you for your sweet comment!

    Congratulations Denise! May this collection bring you much creative joy!

  4. You deserve all the good words. People that give positive should receive it back. Keep up the good work and let inspiration always be with you.
    Regards, Maya S. | Domestic Cleaning Hampstead

  5. Maya, Thank you so much for your kind words. I can't say it enough to those who are sweet enough to write me. I sometimes feel like a broken record. But, I am so grateful for the kind words and hope that i am able to express that to you and everyone how much those words are treasured. A big hearted thank you for such a beautiful wish for me... it is my hope to always be inspired. Thank you for the even bigger smile in my creative soul today.

  6. Got my prize already. It came while I was away for a memorial service for my m-i-l. I had my neighbor pick up my mail every day since I was expecting it. I'll drop Michele a note and let her know it arrived! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art with us!

  7. Denise it has been a pleasure sharing my illustrations with such a kind community of creatives. May these stamps bring you much joy always!