August 25, 2015


on a recent trip home to my parents,
my mom gave me this little gem.

it is my very first camera!
(it holds a special place in my heart)

my mom and dad gave this to me for Christmas when i was 9.
(little did they know how much influence
this gift would have on my creative life.)

although i do not consider myself a photographer,
i have always been taking pictures for pleasure and
as a creative outlet.

i have had the opportunity to learn more
about this beautiful world thanks to my stepfather,
my grade 6 teacher and my post
secondary school education. 

my stepfather and I found a definite connection
through photography.
(he was a writer and photographer)
when he finished the basement in our family home,
he made sure the bathroom had a place so we could
set up a darkroom. 
with his guidance i learnt to develop
black and white film and photos.
to this day my all time favourite photos are black and white.
(they hold such beauty.)

to be honest i have struggled the last several years
with my love for taking photos.
i will also admit as my work has become
more in demand i have struggled keeping up
with my blog.
so when i decided to give instagram a try,
i didn't tell anyone.
not because i wanted it to be a secret. 
i wanted to find out if i really liked it
before i invited anyone to join me.
(some of you found me anyway, thank you!)

my hope is to keep all of you more
connected to my work and to show you more
of my everyday.
i do hope you will join me there.
(please take a peek at what I have been up to since i joined)

i still plan to blog as i still believe there is a place for that.
but, if you want to see glimpse into my day to day,
 you can find me on Instagram and Facebook.


  1.! I saw this camera and HAD to stop by...I have the same exact camera from my childhood and just came across it yesterday as I was cleaning out our basement! I even had my last name in the same exact label maker stickers like yours...isn't that amazing? Wow...what a great memory! I haven't joined Instagram yet, not sure when I will if I do, but I will keep peeking in on your blog and Facebook pages! Take good care!

  2. Hi Judy1223! That is too funny and yes the camera conjures up some wonderful memories. I still have all my photos from way back when. ( very blurry, and not centered well) Do you remember the flash bulbs and how you had to be particular when you used them because there were only 5. lol You should take a look at joining instagram especially if you love visuals. Take Care as well and thanks for stopping by and commenting!