November 22, 2015

happy go lucky cross stitch

i just love when people share with me
what they have created with my licensed artwork.

ingrid over at mii stitch
sent me these
photos of her beautiful birth sampler
made especially for her sister's
upcoming birth. 
(she is due anytime now)

she still has to finish up the name
and date once this little one arrives.

i can't tell you how heart warming it is to have
my artwork be a part of other peoples homes.
wether it's an ornament that graces someone's
Christmas tree or this birth sampler
that will grace the walls
of this special little one's nursery.

i am so grateful for the opportunity
to share what i love to do with the world.

this sampler is titled
by Dimensions.

it is based on my original illustration

thank you so much ingrid for sharing!


  1. Thank you Stacey! Little Maylie is born on Tuesday. The cross stitch is now at the framer!!

  2. Congratulations Ingrid on becoming an auntie! It such an exciting an joyous time! What a beautiful name and I am sure your cross stitch is going to look amazing framed. Best wishes to your sister, little Maylie and your family.

  3. I'll embroider your designs by Dimensions. I like that your pictures are used for embroidery. whether you have new projects related to the embroidery?