June 15, 2016

personalized wall art featuring my "Happy Place" illustration

"happy place"

i was asked to create an illustration
with a children's room in mind.
so, i reflected on my own room as a child.
i remembered those times when i couldn't fall asleep
and i would stare endlessly at the wallpaper that decorated my room.
i was amazed at all the tiny details.

so, with that in mind i placed lots of details in this illustration.
naturally it developed into a piece all about being a kid at the cottage
and playing with my cousins.
oh the adventures we had!

a few close ups!

this is also available as a personalized print.
it would make a wonderful baby gift or keepsake for a child.

you may find both the original and the personalized prints
in my etsy shop.


  1. Love this! Your work is so inspiring and beautiful!

  2. Hello Debby! Thank you so much for sending me a sweet note about my work. I am truly grateful that you find my work inspiring. Such a sweet compliment. Thank you!