September 01, 2016

hello september!

hello september!
(where did the summer go?)

i wanted to say hello to all of you who visit me here.
(i know it has been awhile)

it has been an incredibly busy summer for me with
not much time in the studio.  a lot of changes happening with our family
as two of my babies are now in university and college and have moved out.
(such a rollercoaster ride of emotions for mr. yacula and myself)

however, i am grateful i still have one baby at home for now.
(never mind the summer ... where did the last 20 years go?)

i hope you enjoy this little bookworm and his friends.
i think it is very fitting for this time of year.
(i just finished the illustration last night and it is still not titled)

enjoy my friends and thank you for visiting!


  1. This is adorable Stacey!
    It has been a busy summer, for sure. As for the "rollercoaster" I remember that time myself and for me it was pure...well, you know! BUT, it DOES get easier. Hang in there...Our love of card making helps. As a matter of fact, that'swhat got me through it. Glad to see you back!

  2. A beautiful illustration as this Autumn season of school begins! My little one is getting bigger and starting middle school. I feel for you as yours head off to college. I know I will be there one day. And yes where does the time go?!

  3. A very fitting illustration for all you have going on right now. My thoughts are with you. It is at least nice we can commiserate together on our kids going off to college. I wish them all the best & us too! :)

  4. Hello Teresa, Jill & Michele! Thank you all for your sweet and kind words of support. It is so comforting! :)

  5. This is so sweet!! He is adorable!!!