September 01, 2017

hello September!

hello September... i can't believe you are already here!

"the harvest" was just one of those pieces that revealed 
little snippets of my life to me while i worked. 
it is quiet amazing how that all unfolds.
it is part of the magic that happens. 
it is why i illustrate.

(please see below for my work in progress)

first came the sketch of the little parade of hedgehogs ... 
it just spilled onto the page of my sketchbook.
i sometimes don't quite know where my sketches come from 
but at the time i was inspired by
my favourite season... fall.

woven in this piece are my memories.
like the delight and awe I feel when looking into a northern night sky filled with a million
sparkling stars. this stems from my childhood and time spent at our remote cottage. 
there were no city lights to compete with the brightness of the stars.
(it will forever take my breath away.)

and yes, the many, many buckets of blueberries we picked
so my parents and grandparents could make jam, pies and
the ultimate blueberry pancakes.
(wild blueberries are the best)

as i worked i saw glimpses of my own children.
the trio of them marching through the woods.
their sense of wonder, innocence and
delight as they explored their surroundings.
(they picked blueberries too, went on grand adventures through the woods
and sailed the waters of the lake.)

life does march on at such a rapid pace and oh how my children have grown.
they are young adults now and marching on to a new school year.
exploring their own paths.
(sigh... and some ... a little too far away from home for my liking)

and so i named this piece "the harvest" for so many reasons. 

we were fortunate to have another summer of memories
together and we will tuck those safely into the pockets of our hearts 
until we gather again.

for this i am grateful for the bountiful harvest.

have a beautiful long weekend!


  1. Hi Stacey,
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art and your lovely stories...such sweet memories that will spark many new grand adventures. I enjoy seeing and reading your work!😻🙏🏻

  2. Lovely sweet imagine and a particularly poignant way of describing how it came to you. How fun, and amazing that must be. I hope it continues for a long, long time. I love your art and heart.

  3. A beautiful picture and a beautiful memory. It sounds like a story book but it's real life.

  4. star queen, Deni(se) & Kathy H thank you for leaving such beautiful, kind notes for me. so heartwarming. I am so glad you enjoyed the glimpse into my process. Sometimes it is very difficult to describe as the process can change with every new piece and there can be bumps along the way.