October 01, 2017

hello october!

©Copyright Stacey Yacula, 2017.

a little play in photoshop this morning
combining some tiny illustrations to create this pair.

I love, love, love October!


  1. Me too and your adorable little drawings. Happy Fall!

  2. Your little pumpkin pal has to be the sweetest one I've seen this season! The two are quite an adorable pair.

  3. Kathy H ... Thank you for sending such sweet words my way and Happy Fall to you as well!

    Deni(se) ... thank you! your kind words made my creative self smile on this cool autumn day!

  4. Hi Stacey, I absolutely LOVE your designs and charming little animals & characters. I have almost all of your Halloween and Christmas figurines. So adorable! You are a truly talented artist! :) I'm a big fan! ~ Juny

  5. Thank you so much Juny W. I am so happy that you enjoy my art and that you love it so much to invite it into your home. I am so grateful to know where my designs end up as I send them into the world. They are little bits of me so thank you for cherishing them so much.