June 20, 2018

hello world!

i am slowly listing some of my new illustrations in
my etsy shop.

this is one of three pieces that i created in early spring.
all  three pieces go nicely together or look beautiful just on their own.

this one is titled
"hello world!"

it is a sentiment that my stepfather would always start his day with.
somedays he would stand at the door or window and
in his booming everyday voice look outside and proclaim
"hello world!"
(I wasn't very appreciative ... as i was still in bed trying to sleep)

he would rise with the birds and would often watch the sunrise.
some of it he caught on camera, but mostly he would take it all in
and begin his day in the quiet.

such a beautiful way to start your day
no matter what time you rise. 

i too rise early.
(however, not that early)
i love to have a quiet start to my day while
my family still slumbers.

but, i must admit i have gotten
into a routine of turning on the news
or checking my devices first thing. 

somehow, i lost site of
waking up slowly and quietly.

so, i am slowly reclaiming this time
and i am finding solace.

wishing you all a beautiful start to your day.
today and always! 

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