March 28, 2019

little sewing case!

i barely get time to sew these days and never mind
dreaming up a pattern. 

i have been wanting to create a little sewing case
for some time using my linen illustration.
(you can still find a few of them in my etsy shop
to create your own personal project) 
I had so much fun being lost in creating.
My intent was to have a stitching project for the evenings...
well I couldn't wait to finish each step.
I used things i had in my stash...
vintage fabric, vintage ribbon, vintage buttons,
fabric from a curtain i made, felt,
cotton ribbon i bought on my NY trip 5 years ago,
and fabric from my mama's stash.

Some of it is hand stitched but most of it was sewn
on my sewing machine my parents bought me
when I graduated high school.
(they got me)

I also dragged out my stepfather's old typewriter
to type a little message to be stitched on the inside cover.
As I opened it I thought about all the stories and words
he must of typed
(he was a writer)

I thought how he would have marvelled
at the thought of me using his typewriter
for a sewing project.

Then, as I sat sewing,
I thought about all the sewing my mom has done over the years
following in her own mama's footsteps.
(so grateful for these two ladies)

So, you see this little sewing case
is so much more than what it seems
and it has brought me so much joy already!

wishing you all much joy in the things that you do. 

i do have a question for all of you.
Would a kit to make something similar be of interest?
Of course it would feature my illustrations.
I have been considering this and would love to know any suggestions. 


  1. I have just recently discovered your beautiful illustrations thanks to your stamp sets with My Favorite Things. I've already purchased (and used) the celebrating mice and a parcel has just arrived with the gorgeous Easter bunnies. Your stamps are spectacular... thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.
    I love sewing so your little sewing kit caught my eye... but more than that I read your story about all the meanings and stories behind it and felt so fortunate that you have shared your story. I look forward to coming back here often and seeing your beautiful creations.
    Thank you xx

  2. What a precious gift this would be for anyone.

  3. Did someone say KIT?? Yes, I'd be very interested!