July 30, 2019


                                                                                      ©Stacey Yacula, 2019.

you just never know what is around the corner in life.

while on my morning walk i had the privilege of meeting and spending a bit of time
with a beautiful, inspiring lady.
My walks have taken me past her gorgeous front gardens many times.
Today I got to see her gardens behind the fence and they did not disappoint.

This lovely lady is 93!
She still lives in her own home, has a dog, tends to her gardens, quilts and
i was gobsmacked when she told me she had a computerized sewing machine
so she had to learn all about computers!

a huge inspiration on so many levels.
i arrived back home my heart filled with deep gratitude that our paths crossed.

p.s. my etsy shop sale ends tomorrow!


  1. Love this sweet bunny, and your beautiful story about the lady you met! Brought back good memories about a lady I bonded with over some African violet plants! It was many years ago, and she was also a very inspiring woman. I loved stopping by to see her to visit, and Mrs. Severson had a little dog named Chico! She always took me on an indoor tour of her violets, then we'd step into her backyard for the outdoor tour, with Chico following us!

  2. Love your drawing!! I would love to come for tea!!
    So glad you got a behind-the-scenes tour of your new friend's garden! She is an inspiration to us all!!