January 21, 2020

slow stitching

                                                                                                              ©Stacey Yacula, 2020.

a little ongoing slow stitching that i began last summer
based on one of my illustrations.

it has been a joy to pick it up now and then to just enjoy the process.
no time lines (that includes any self induced ones),
no expectations of producing or gifting it.

it is an unusual and often very rare territory to
dabble in as a working artist. 
but, i am learning it is actually a gift to myself to
spend creative time in this way. 

however, as i come close to finishing,
my thoughts have begun to wonder about
what i can create with sweet fellow.

1 comment :

  1. Oh! He/she is wonderful! Look at his fur, so many stitches!Do you have stitching kits?