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jack and peep
(a excerpt from my article written for ADQ)

         Children carry with them this incredible deep sense of wonderment and innocence that as adults we often tend to forget about. Children will take the time to do such simple things like watching a snail create a shimmering wet path as they slowly crawl along. Watching, playing with and caring for my own children as they grew only brought back some of my childhood memories and pleasures. But it also gave me new moments and with it a rejuvenated desire to express some of those delights.

       Jack and Peep are visiting each other after a long time apart ... winter will do that to friendships! They are delighted to be with one another again and are so busy catching up. I wonder what they're chatting about.

      This piece was inspired by how children can innocently find friends, regardless of how different they might be. As a girl, I would love the little creatures around the cottage. I always want to be their very best friend and take care of them.

little blessings!
(a excerpt from my article written for ADQ)

     I clasp my hands together trying to contain my excitement. My halo feels a little awkward, but my wings seem to be straight. We all found our positions as we waited for the music to begin. I caught a glimpse of my mother in the audience; I smiled and waved proudly at her. It was Christmas Eve! On such a night, nothing can be more magical than watching the sheer innocence and delight on the faces of children as they sing carols and perform the Christmas story. It's in these faces where we find what the season is truly all about.

dare to dream
(a excerpt from my article written for ADQ)

      I sit on the door steps ... bored. The sun was warm on my back and I had no idea what I wanted to do. Half-heartedly, I watched as a Blue Jay suddenly appeared. In a flash he dove to the ground to retrieve on of the peanuts I had left for the chipmunks. Within seconds the bird flew off and out of sight. I quickly scrambled to my feet and in a frenzy gathered all I needed and I knew in that moment I wanted to fly!

     It is sometimes in a instant that inspiration takes hold. It is amazing that the spirit of a child innocently carries with them an indescribable imagination. This imagination will often take them to many wonderful places where they create worlds, creatures or even a friend. Their imagination is limitless and the possibilities endless. A very sharp contrast to the adult world, where we tend to limit ourselves before we even get started. Inspired by this notion and by my own need to be reminded, I created this young dreamer to evoke my own imagination, to aspire, to dream, and to fly - even if the reality is that my feet will never leave the ground. But,most of all it is a reminder to believe in the possibilities!

Talent Next Door
Cambridge, Guelph & Area-volume1

Stacey's artwork received
one gold and two blue ribbons from the judges.

Her work was also featured at the Talent Next Door Gallery Show.