April 10, 2018

thank you!

©Copyright Stacey Yacula, 2018.

just a little note to say 
thank you!

i just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone
for all the support and kindness you give me each
and every day!

So, I hope this little piglet brings a smile to your heart!

March 12, 2018

little shop update!

©Copyright Stacey Yacula, 2018

no.2 of my "at home" series
which features tiny little houses in the garden.
just part of my etsy shop update.


March 06, 2018


©Copyright Stacey Yacula, 2018
i often wonder when an image "appears" in my sketchbook
where it comes from within.

many of my sketches don't make it to a final illustration
but this one was calling my name.

i let all my "overthinking" go and just enjoyed creating.
(following your heart is the absolute best way to create)

all i know is i absolutely loved hunting for easter eggs as a girl. 
the chocolate was a wonderful treat
but my joy was truly found in the
"search and find". 

this easter card is now in my etsy shop.