October 20, 2017

and this little piggy is on it's way to a halloween party!

i have been rather quiet.
which is wonderful since september was a "full" month
and then we had Thanksgiving.

last week i wondered around the studio not sure
what i wanted to create next.

a little lost i would say.
(and i was settling in to the quiet here at home with my boys being away)

it gave me time to think... about my art and set some personal goals.
blocking out some of the noise in my head like...

"what I should create"
"what everyone else wants me to create"
"where and how can I sell my art" 
and so much more that rattles away in my head.

and so i began.
i have been working on new characters.
trying to expand my portfolio so maybe I will be able 
to create that children's book that I have always dreamed of.
(to push my art that much further.)

small steps I keep telling myself.

it has been a productive week
and I have been pleasantly surprised with how it is coming along.
although, I still have far to go and much more drawing to do.
(sorry I am not quite ready to share yet)

yesterday however,
I kind of started to get a little frustrated with my drawings
and thinking way to much again.
so, i put my drawings aside.
and ran with a persistent idea that kept on coming to me while working
on my new characters.

a little piggy on his way with his friends to celebrate halloween!
funny ... it wan't until i took these photos that i realized
that i had sewed a pig costume for one of my boys one halloween.
(i guess my mother's heart was guiding me once again)

Have a lovely weekend!

October 11, 2017

christmas has arrived in my etsy shop!

©Copyright Stacey Yacula, 2017.

sometimes i feel much like this bunny
...preparing far in advance for a season!

but someone has to do it...
otherwise there would be no cards, no wrapping paper,
no sweet little gifts, no ornaments,
no home decor for you to find in stores when the season arrives.

did you know that sometimes we can work 6 months, a year and
in some cases 2 years in advance? 
(us creatives are like Santa's elves in so many ways.)

 you will find Christmas has arrived in
my etsy shop.


October 10, 2017

tiny art prints

my tiny illustrations are
now available as prints
in my etsy shop.

printed  beautifully on thick watercolour paper
similar to the original illustrations
and perfect for a little spot in your home
that needs a smile!

October 07, 2017

happy thanksgiving!

©Copyright Stacey Yacula, 2017.

wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving weekend!