June 20, 2018

hello world!

i am slowly listing some of my new illustrations in
my etsy shop.

this is one of three pieces that i created in early spring.
all  three pieces go nicely together or look beautiful just on their own.

this one is titled
"hello world!"

it is a sentiment that my stepfather would always start his day with.
somedays he would stand at the door or window and
in his booming everyday voice look outside and proclaim
"hello world!"
(I wasn't very appreciative ... as i was still in bed trying to sleep)

he would rise with the birds and would often watch the sunrise.
some of it he caught on camera, but mostly he would take it all in
and begin his day in the quiet.

such a beautiful way to start your day
no matter what time you rise. 

i too rise early.
(however, not that early)
i love to have a quiet start to my day while
my family still slumbers.

but, i must admit i have gotten
into a routine of turning on the news
or checking my devices first thing. 

somehow, i lost site of
waking up slowly and quietly.

so, i am slowly reclaiming this time
and i am finding solace.

wishing you all a beautiful start to your day.
today and always! 

June 19, 2018

Up, Up and Away Fabric Collection!

another charming fabric collection
will be arriving in stores in July.

this collection comes in two colour ways and
 is based on my illustration
"Day Trip" !

perfect for both boys and girls!

also Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar of Pine Tree Country Quilts
designed a beautiful Quilt Design for this fabric collection.

i will keep you posted
when you will find this charming collection
in my etsy shop.

June 13, 2018

last day for my studio sale!

just a friendly reminder that
this is the last day for my studio sale.

i have stumbled across some long forgotten
handmade items like my soldered Christmas Ornaments,
tea towels, and some original one of a kind
sculptures that i am now ready to part with.

you will find these handmade items in 
limited quantities in my
ETSY shop.


for my licensed products, also in limited quantities please see below.


Please read the following carefully if you wish to purchase
any of the garden line directly from the studio.

1) Please email the studio directly with the selection you would like to purchase
and please include your shipping address so we may determine shipping.
We will be processing orders on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note because of the fragility of the items tracked shipping is studio
policy. If you receive a damaged item we require immediate photographic evidence
in order to give you a replacement or refund. However, If you wish to forgo the tracked shipping,
the studio will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items. 

studio email:

2) Once you receive a invoice from the studio via email, please check carefully. If everything
is in order you may go ahead and make a payment. If at this time you have changed your mind
about your order, please send us a courtesy email to let us know.
**We only accept PayPal and Direct eTransfer.
Please note because of the limited quantities we can only hold your order for
24 hours once you have received an invoice. 
If payment is not recieved within 24 hours
we must cancel the order. 

3) Once payment is received,  your order will be processed in
3-5 business days.  Once shipped, you will receive a follow up email 
with the tracking number.

P.S. I will be updating the listings below from time to time as quantities change.

June 08, 2018

Spread Kindness Stamp Collection now available!

and here it is...
my new spring stamp collection!

Spread Kindness!!

you will find 26 charming and delightful
stamps that will spread kindness
to you and your loved ones.

please find them only at

like always Purple Onion Designs
is offering special prices
for a limited time only.

please visit here for all the details.

and for those of you who have not heard
my etsy shop is on sale
as well as the post below features
many pieces from my calibrations with
my licensing partners.
also on sale!